Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hey guys!

So this week we start the first week of June! I already want to skip
the summer since its so freakin hot! Can it just be winter already?

This week was a lot better then last week. Last week felt so long, it
was pretty miserable. But this past week went by so fast. I think what
helped was we had more success and we decided to go finding in
different locations now instead of the same old boring street we
always walk across haha. plus, we were finding all day like we had
been last week. Jennifer has done really good this past week. She
couldn't come to church but we handed her a Book of Mormon last
Wednesday and she read up to 2 Nephi by Saturday. She seems like she
will make her date on the 21st. I don't know if I've mentioned Chō
before but he's helped out a lot with her. Chō is a recent convert
since last year who Elder Pace found and baptised in his old area. For
school he moved up to Shimogamo, Hes so funny and is a genius! We
always try to do stuff with him since he's one of our favorite people
to be around.

Other then her, we don't have any real solid investigators.  

We went through our phone and area book and just dropped more
the. Half of our teaching pool since they won't call us back or keep
cancelling lessons. They sadly, dropped themselves... So right now,
we're kind of starting fresh. Trying to get a new teaching pool to
draw from which is why we've been going finding a lot these past
couple weeks. 

I didn't feel the earthquake. I might of been asleep for it... Haha
was it big? I saw that Nepal had a huge earthquake last week. Was it
because of that one? I feel so left out from the world as a
missionary. I have no idea what's going on in the world now. I did see
that L. Tom Perry passed away. He declined pretty fast after they
found out he had cancer last month. I would of never though he would
be the one to pass. I was always thinking Elder Packer. I wonder who
the next apostle is going to be now.

Anyway, this week was pretty good though, it was a lot better then two
weeks ago which was nice.

I hope you guys have a great week! Love hearing from you guys. I'll
send some pics of the week.

- Elder Durrant