Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hey guys!

Alright, we get into month #3 now! How's everybody doing? We talk a
lot about Disneyland at night and I've realized that I wish to go to
the land where dreams come true. So we started our new transfer this
week and it's been a hard week. Since we had our baptism 3 weeks ago,
our investigators have slowly gotten weaker and weaker. I think it may
be because we worked so hard to get Sato baptized and we made him a 

priority over other investigators. This past week, we taught 2
lessons. Two! The rest of the time we were finding all day. This past
week felt so long. Hopefully we do better this week.

We got a new investigator from China and she's way golden. Her name is
Jennifer and It's kind of funny how we met her. About a month and a
half ago me and Elder Pace wanted to take a picture with some other
guys and we asked this random girl on the street to take the picture.
That random girl turned out to be Jennifer! We handed her an Eikaiwa
flyer and she walked off. Then about a month ago, she came to Eikaiwa
and said she wanted to learn about Eternal Families so we started
teaching her. She already has a baptism date for June 21st!

On Sunday and Saturday we had Stake Conference and President Welch
spoke at it. It was pretty good. Elder Maynes from the 70 came and
spoke as well. He told a funny story about how him and Gordon B
Hinckley went to dedicate a temple. They had 4 dedicatory events for
both Saturday and Sunday. president Hinckley was around 92. After the
dedications, they flew a plane back to Salt Lake and Elder Maynes sat
in front of President Hinckley. He fell asleep but out of no where he
was awakened by several loud thumps. He turned behind him to see what
made that noise and was all like "Who would make loud thumping noises
and wake the president up?" So he turned around and saw President
Hinckley, exercising. He had a band around his thigh and had it
connected to his arm so he was raising his legs every time he raised
his arm. The thumping noise was made because his foot would drop and
hit the ground.

Haha so Tom Brady was cheating! Oh well, I'm still glad the patriots
beat the Seahawks though... Maybe the Broncos can beat the patriots
this year... 

 I think being late is now the thing that annoys me the most. The ZL's here
 are always late haha.

So I've been thinking, I really want to get the summer over with and
get into winter! Kyoto's too hot. I need cold.. Right now,
I'm still a beanchan. I'm a 2nd transfer missionary now and am not at
the bottom of the totem pole! Just right next to the bottom. I get to
kill Elder Pace this transfer though. 

I hope you guys have a good week too! Sounds like mom was bust this
past couple weeks! You guys finally went to lagoon! Haha cannibal
failed it's safety test? That's scary!
Love you guys lots and miss you!

- Elder Durrant

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hey guys!

This week has been pretty fun. We got to eat out a lot because members
took us out for lunch or dinner. We went to this team house that sold
Kobe Beef. 200 grams for $100. We had different steak instead. It's
not as good as American steaks, but it was one of the better attempts
of an American style steak. I just hope I can eat Kobe Beef. 

So transfers are coming up in 2 weeks. We get our transfer Mail on the
18th, and the transfer is on the 21st. 2nd transfer here we go! Yes!
 I hope I stay here. I like Kyoto. I wouldn't mind being here for the summer! 

Sadly, my companion is going to die in July so I hope I'm with him next transfer too.

Mother's Day is next Sunday! We can't Skype on Sunday so I can skype
at 10:00 am on my Monday morning, which is like 7 pm in America. We
have to do a 3 way Skype right? I get an hour to talk! 

I guess Ashton's birthday is this Wednesday, right? Haha tell Ashton I
said Happy Birthday! Dang I saw the pictures mom sent me, miss all you
guys a lot! We got this Skype, then 3 more and we can talk in person!
We watched this Mother's Day video and I died. I miss you mom so much!

Today, we're going to Kiyomizudera! Last week we went to Arashiyama
and saw monkey and the bamboo forest. I got some pictures I can send.
We climbed up this hill to see the monkeys and we got to the very top
and you could see all of Kyoto! I'll take more pictures today for you
guys too. I don't know. The days are long, but the weeks are fast. It
feels like P-day was like 2 days ago! I love how much I used to not
like Mondays and Sunday's that much but now those two days are my
favorite! Like weeks go by so fast but there's still like 98 weeks to
get through haha... Not quite sure how fast months are, this past
month felt kind of long. They say it gets shorter transfer but
transfer, I'll be soon to find out.

Here's a good story. So the leprechauns struck again! This past Sunday
was fast Sunday and the green people returned! The last time we met was 

last month and we got them a pamphlet. I guess they felt like they needed to pay us back because
they brought us all these wrapped gifts. So we took them home and
opened them and we were slightly scared. They got us a used bottle of
mayonnaise, honey, and BBQ sauce! Like the used it all and tried to
clean it out and then give us these empty mayo bottles. It still had
some mayo smudged to the side. So gross! 
There are these Gaijin foreign exchange students from BYU that also
came for 2 months last week. Only one went to Japan for his mission so he's really good in
Japanese. The others are studying so they aren't very good... They
helped us do a service project on Friday which was pretty fun. We
helped a lady in our ward clean out her farm, then we had backyard
Yakiniku which was really good! We ( as in the missionaries) all
decided that all these students were Otaku's. One wanted to translate
manga from Japanese to English and another was practicing the art of
the broads sword.  Me and my companion decided that we got called to Japan to level out the ratio of gaijin
that are Otaku's and aren't. Just kidding, I like gundams.

I'll email you guys again next Monday, even though we're still skyping.
Love and miss you guys a lot!

One other thing!

We got a baptism coming up this Sunday! Actually 2, but one of them is
ours! His name is Sato and he's been a kinjin for the past month. He's
so golden. He just has his interview and he's set to be dunked! We
want a member to baptism him so we're thinking of who could do that. I
think our only concern is him making friends, but in this wars, it
shouldn't be a problem.
I'll be sure to send you pics of the baptism.
Love you lots!

- Elder Durrant

- Elder Durrant

This is the river we cross everyday.

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