Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hey Guys!
So this week was pretty normal. We were able to teach about 20 lessons
and hand out 14 Book of Mormons. It's hard to hand those out since
everybody just Kekko's us! You guys already saw but we had a baptism
on Sunday! His name is Nosaka and he has been an investigator since
November. I've only known him for about two weeks so I was kind of
just there for the baptism. Elder Yanada baptized him and I think it
was really good for him and the ward. The ward hadn't seen a baptism
for two years so we were able to break the dry spell.
The ward here is alright. It's bigger and for a small ward they have a
huge building. The ward doesn't have that much dendo fire and they
don't exactly help the missionaries that much. We're trying to
strengthen the ward and befriend them more so they can fellowship our
investigators more.. We kind of realized why the ward hadn't see a baptism in
so long... They just aren't proactive.

 A couple nights ago we found monopoly in the apartment and I showed my
companion how to play so we have been playing every night and this morning. 
He destroyed me yesterday... But I'm beating him now in our current game. 

Haha I guess you saw the watermelon video. I made that three months
ago. That was back in Shimogamo during interviews with president
welch. Good times haha Today I was able to return to Kyoto though! We
went to Joyo in Kyoto zone and went to the temple that's in the back
of the 10 yen coin. It was way cool! We got to go inside it and see
this huge Buddha statue. The outside of the temple has been restored,
but everything inside is 900 years old! We went with two of our
investigators who are also Eikaiwa students. They are also are next
strongest investigators now that Nosaka got baptized. On our way home
we also saw the Nintendo headquarters and this pretty cool dam. Oh our
two investigators also told me that in some parts of China they eat
babies and humans... Yup.. Just like your one Chinese coworker said.

Oh! Do you think you guys can send me some pictures of our life like
10 years ago haha or just pictures from when I was little and stuff? I
saw Elder Yanada's and I kind wished I had some too. Digital should be
ok. People always love those kind of pictures.

I guess everybody has a busy last week before school starts. Ashton as
telling me he fell off a tube and hurt himself. Seems to get hurt
everyday doing something haha Middle school starts for Ayumi. That's
weird to think she's in middle school now. Goes by fast, seems slow
now though but goes by fast. 

Anyways, I'll send some pictures of this past week over the iCloud.
Over the cloud! Love you guys lots and miss you tons!

- Elder Durrant