Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hey everyone! 

I heard you guys took a surprise trip to Disneyland and sea last Tuesday? Whatt! That sounds way fun. I think Ashton wrote me and email just to tell me about Disneyland. 

So this past week was pretty good. We taught 20 lessons and did half of them dressed up as Santa. Yes, we looked like the picture I sent you except only Hancock and I dressed up, Yamachan played the violin and didn't dress up.

Yamachan is also the district leader. And because we there is a district leader conference tomorrow, he has to go up to Kobe with all the other district leaders in the zone. So today we are going to the area next to us called semboku to have companion exchanges because the district leader in senboku and Yamachan are gonna go together. It should be pretty fun since I'm going to be with Elder Westbrook. YES! Durrant and Westbrook. REUNITED! He's in my doki to so I've known him since the MTC. I swear one day Kaicho is just going to make us companions just to recreate the dynamic duo of Oklahoma City Thunder. Anyways, so tonight we are heading to senboku and will get back to Hashimoto tomorrow. 

I got a package from the Tsukuba Ward today! It was really cool to get it! You have to tell the Ward thanks for me or I'll write a letter to them or something! It's way awesome! Like I don't even know any of these people and I got a care package from them full of food and tons of European chocolate. It kind of showed me how much people, members, appreciate missionaries. Which also made me want to work harder for the members. I can't wait to be able to meet them in person now though, seems like a really good ward. In the package was also a not from the Tanaka's that said よろしく for Elder Tanaka. I'll have to tell him about it. It see him every once in a while. 

You guys did mogi lessons with the missionaries? Haha how did it go? Mogi lessons always kind of get me nervous but I guess it's not even really a mogi lesson since you still mogi on what you think the member needs right now even though they may already know the doctrine you are going to try and teach. Since we have that goal to teach 20 lessons a week, the area presidency wants the missionaries to do tons of mogi lessons I guess because teaching 20 lessons without teaching members is way freaking hard. Like border line impossible but nothin is impossible hard. Haha what did you feed them? Last night we had a ton of oden at the Ward mission coordinators house. The families name is Kobayashi and apparently he's like this ex yakuza member or something but he's really cool. He speaks English fluently and works in English I guess. I don't know how but before my mission I did t really like oden but now I really like it. Except for the konyaku. That stuff still nasty haha

On Friday we had ZTM and it was probably the most spiritual ZTM I've had so far. We talked about the new goal Kaicho set on the mission. He wants everyone to have a baptism each week starting at the beginning of May. Then they talked about how it's not kaichos vision, or the area presidencies vision. It's gods vision and we need to do our best to carry out his work. We talked about how Heavenly Father knows each and everyone of us. Then to top it off, a dying missionary gave his last testimony and it was way powerful. Dying missionaries have some crazy strong testimonies. 

Well I think that was my week in a nutshell. This week was a little warmer then before. I bought a new sweater this past week. It's a nice grey one. It seems like everyone had a good week, except Beebee... Poor Beebee... She has to wear the cone of shame. Just one more week with Though right? Hope she starts feeling better.
I hope you guys and Beebee have a better week though. Love you all and miss you tons!

- Elder Durrant