Monday, July 13, 2015

Hey guys!
So, I am still alive... It has been weird to be in Tottori but im slowly getting used to it. My new companion is Elder Novak and hes on his last transfer. I get to kill two missionaries in a row now! haha 

This past week was really hard. It was just kind of stressful and emotional. Elder Pace went home and I had to leave Shimogamo. Im still not used to everything here yet. I really miss Kyoto. I had tons of fun in Kyoto. So my first week in Tottori, we did service everyday. 

On friday, we picked plums for an old lady in the mountains for three hours. We probably picked like 10kgs of plums. The lady was so nice and she made us wear bonnets and those weird arm sleeves that old people wear when riding bikes to protect our arm. I got eaten alive though. The mosquitos had some fun on me... Saturday we went up to a members house which was about 20 minutes away by train and helped clean his fields. He has 30 acres of land that he inherited and we help him clean it every Saturday. The family is the Ogawa's and they are such a cool family! after we do service, they let us take a shower and feed us! We also ran into this old man who was raking the shrine nearby and decided to help him too. We raked leaves for 3 hours and there was probably about 400 pounds of leaves. 

Yesterday was fast sunday and we i had to give my introduction and a small testimony. The branch has like 25 people in it! Its kind of small...Apparently its not a very strong branch either. After sacrament meeting the Branch President came up to me and asked me to give a talk on what we can learn from the pioneers for the 19th. 

We havent really had the chance to contact people since we have been doing service everyday, plus nobody is on the streets so we have to go housing all the time. The teaching pool is that good. We have one investigator... We started to meet with this one lady though so hopefully we will have two. The Inaka life... 

I havent bought a bike yet, Im thinking about doing it towards the end of this transfer because they had a mountain bike that i could use for a little bit. I think the same size as the north face bag should work. 

My address is:
Tottori-ken, Tottori-shi, Midorigaoka 3-18-3 Confort Midorigaoka B101 

Im not sure when you can send it but on thursday we have to go down to Okayama and spend the night there because we have zone meeting on friday and its too far from where we live. I guess we have to spend like $200 this month on travel because we have to go to Okayama 4 times this transfer.  This week was kind of hard. I felt so lonely my first couple days in Tottori. 

Anyways, i hope this week is good. I love you guys lots and miss you guys tons!

- Elder Durrant

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