Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Off to the MTC

Andrew entered the MTC today. All those months of waiting and anticipating are now over. It has been a very bittersweet day in our family. But we know he is in safe hands and doing such an important work. We can't help but feel blessed he has chosen this path to serve our Heavenly Father as a missionary. From here on out we will be posting many of his "post worthy" letters. Be sure to check back often and follow him in these next two years.

Below are some pictures from the day. We took a video of dropping him off and may post it. But for now here is how his day went.

6:30AM woke up and Andy decided on his last day he wanted to get out on the tennis courts one last time. We went and played tennis and let him work out his anxiety by smashing some little yellow fuzzy balls. Unfortunately Todd was on the other end of those hard shots.

After some tennis and a nice visit from some friends who somehow thought that is what he would be doing just before he left, we went home. I went to sneak some snacks in his suitcase and found Andy was packing one of his many tennis rackets. It was funny to see and thinking about it I am pretty sure this racket is going to become a tool for him during his mission.

After all packed up Andy stepped outside to get a look at the neighborhood one last time before the drive to the MTC.

We stopped at the Provo Temple for a few minutes and then drove down the the MTC. The drop off was quick. Andrew and his mom hugged one last time before he was lead away among all the other new missionaries being dropped off. Needless to say, it was a very long and quiet ride back home.

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  1. So so proud of him!! What an amazing you man!! He will be awesome!! What a great last day home with tennis family and friends!! I was wondering if he was going to sneak the rack in his bags!! Hehe He just saved you shipping fees!!! Can't wait to hear all about his new adventures!!! Love you all!! Teresa