Thursday, October 15, 2015

Andrew Durrant <>
To Todd Durrant Mom Oct 12 at 12:18 PM
Hey Everybody! How's it going? 

Well this past week was alright. It kind of just felt like a normal week. Nothing super incredibly amazing happened but it wasn't a bad week either. We were able to find two new investigators this past week. They are both fairly strong and like the missionaries. I think one just listens to us because she likes the missionaries but the other investigator really wants to learn. She's this sweet old obachan and really enjoys learning and reading so the Book of Mormon was perfect for her haha she said she will read it and we will follow up on it this week so we'll see how it goes! Other then those two we really have nobody in our teaching pool... Opening this area has been fairly difficulty but we are slowly starting to see the results of our work come forth.

Quick question. Do you guys know a Nakamura family in Obibiro that are members and went to the ward in Obibiro? Just wondering because one of the sisters that is in my area is from Obibiro and lives by the Obibiro airport. She also got 40 pounds of potatoes from her family since they are farmers. I got a package from grandma...I think it was grandma Sachie. But it had a bunch of treats in it for Halloween! Tell her thanks while she's there and Happy Birthday from me! 80 years old! Japanese people are blessed with eternal life already. she's in such good shape for being 80 though. I hope she had a good birthday. What did you guys to there then? There's not that much to do right? The inaka life. 
I guess sticking noddles through my nose and into my mouth was pretty fun hahah Elder McCarthy taught me how to do it and so I was finally able to figure it out. It felt so weird though! It felt like i was chocking but breathing at the same time haha 

Ponderize! Haha I think that became my new favorite word. The way you use ponderized. He ponderized this morning, are you ponderizing? Devin G Durrant, everybody told me that somebody in my family spoke in conference and I was so confused but then I saw it and reaIized he was probably your cousin or something. That's really cool though! He gave a pretty good talk too. General conference was pretty good! It was cool to see the new apostle and hear their testimonies! We are going to have zone conference this Wednesday too so we will be able to recieve some powerful training from Welch Kaicho! We also had ZTM last week so this transfer has been a transfer of learning. Especially with being senior companion and trainer for the first time. It has been a big learning experience for me and I think I've learned the most from elder Hancock this transfer. 

How long are grandma and grandpa going to be staying there for? I bet it was really good to see them. You got the funcargo? The golden grandma pimp wagon? Hahaha I guess you could drive that to work. How far is Ayumi and Ashton's school from the house though? Is it like NIS, an hour drive! 

I hope everybody's doing good and having a good week! 
Love you all and miss you tons! 

- Elder Durrant

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