Sunday, November 29, 2015

When it rains, it pours. 

How's everybody doing? 

Well this week was a little crazy... I think Hancocks bike is officially a little せいしんびょう...  Well it began on Tuesday, Hancock bike had magically gotten both its tired flat so we decided to fix next day. That day came and it was pouring. We spent a couple hours in the rain trying to get all his holes patched. I don't know how or when or Satan but he had over 7 holes in one tube! SEVEN!? Like how does that happen? Anyways, we had to make like three trips to a store, walking, and bought like 3 patch kits, used them all, and his tire still was flat so we decided to end the day and take a trip to the area next of us to buy a new tube and fix his bike. It took all day. In rained like 4 days in a row and every day we were presented with an additional bike problem, complemented with a lovely flat tire. His bike had a flat tire everyday, sometimes two a day. It was probably one of the most annoying weeks of my mission so far. But we got through it. Everybody's been slightly flustered this week. Plus his bike had a lovely flat tire this morning too. 
Anyways, we are going to go to a batting cage today and hit our stresses away. 

Well for some good news,
On Saturday, we had an 音楽さい so we all went to Sakai. The branch has been practicing a song to sing, and we were part of the chorus, so we performed at the music festival along with a. Few other wards in this stake. Then they brought out the professionals that they payed to come. One was this super cool cello player. Like after that day, the cello rise a few bars and became slightly cool to me. 

We taught two really good lessons this past week. So we have these two investigators, Akiyoshisan and Ishisan. In Akiyoshisan's lesson, we began to talk about baptism and she told us how badly she wanted to be baptized but she can't because her husband is against the church. I don't know what we can't do to fix that except pray. We are going to try and meet with her husband this week and try to leave a good impression on him. Ishisan on the other hand is a 47 year old single male with food intentions. He really wants to return to live with Heavenly Father again so we are planning on inviting him to baptism this week! He's an awesome man and is probably a little lonely so we are also trying to get more members to meet him and doseki for our lessons. He's felt the spirit before but we just have to get him to be able to recognize the spirit. 

I did some inventory this past week and I'm down a couple shirts and pants so I'm planning on buying some this week or next week. I'll go get some Uniqlo pants and some "Cool Buiss" shirts from Aoyama or Aoki.. I think I'm ok for now though. Money's all good and I don't need anything to badly. Transfers are in three week, December 17th is transfer day and it is two days before the branch Christmas party. 

Speaking of which, to advertise the Christmas party we have been doing caroling dendo. Like Yamachan plays the violin so we go housing with his violin and when they open the door we just start singing a Christmas song while he plays. We Alpha tested this a couple days ago and visited less actives but we are planning in beta testing it and actually stopping people on the street, play a Christmas song on the violin, and explain what it means. 

Lately Yamachan has further gotten me into the 文化 of Hokkaido. We were practicing the ソーランムシ dance at district meeting and we are going to make a video of us dancing. An actual video after we all get good. Hopefully it makes it onto the Kobe, Japan mission DVD! 

So that was a summary of my week, we hope to have a much better one this week! Baha'i hope you guys have an awesome week and I'll try to get a picture of me for the postcard thing. It's been raining everyday so it's been hard. 
Love you guys tons! 

- Elder Durrant

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