Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hey guys! 
So I have been in Japan for one week now! So far its been pretty good. I am in downtown Kyoto! all the tourist attractions are around me. We might go to one today. Next week were going to Kiyomizu Dera for fun. I remember going there a couple times but it will be nice to see it again. It has rained everyday for the past week so it was a good thing i have my North Face rain coat and pants! They work pretty well, Im usually pretty dry in the rain because of the coat and pants. 

I met most of my ward yesterday. Theres about 60 people that go here too. I didnt have to give a talk yet because we watched general conference this weekend since they haven`t shown it in Japan yet. The ward seems nice though and I am scheduled to speak this Sunday.. Its only supposed to be around 5 minutes long too. Im just going to right down a few bullet points on my Ipad and expound on it. 

My new companion is a district leader. His name is Elder Pace and hes from Salt Lake and went to Olympus, he even knows Vicki and Miles`s mom. We get along really good too. He only has about 2 transfers left and always complains when somebody brings up the transfer mail. 

So in my Kyoto area, its me, Elder Pace and 2 Zone leaders, plus we all share an apartment so im in an apartment with a district leader, and 2 zone leaders. I feel way under powered haha. The 2 zone leaders are a lot of fun though. They are always up till 10:30 doing follow ups so i have alot of free time when we get done proselyting. In my area the 2 zone leaders lead the zone in stats, we come in second though so were doing pretty good. Proselyting is actually really fun i think. I like going door to door because its easier then street contact but both are fun. I don't really speak much when we go street contacting though because i can fully explain the gospel and such in Japanese which means i need to study harder.

I miss you guys alot though. I watched a video on what mothers do for us and it killed haha it hits us hard, we all miss our moms now. 
Anyway, my next email should come next Monday! 

Love you guys lots!

Elder Durrant

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  1. He is sounding so positive!! I love it!! Go get them Elder keep up the great work!! Oh and thanks for sending snow our way!! hehe Love ya Teresa