Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I've reached Japan!

I've reached Japan! We were so late to arrive because at Seattle they
had us sitting on the plane for 2 extra hours before we could leave so
when we reached Narita, we only had 20 minutes to get everyone through
immigration, customs, baggage claims, and to check bags in and get on
the plane. All you need is faith and you can do it because we did all
that in 20 minutes and made our flight! I met President and Sister
Welch today. They are great people. So caring and nice.
They feed us so well the past 2 days, it's not helping with the
weight gain lol!!

I'm pretty excited to see what's next. Tomorrow we get our new
companions and move to our new zones. I'm sad to leave all my friends
and I'm kind of scared to meet and begin my mission tomorrow. My pdays
moved to Monday now so my next email should be next Monday. Since last
Monday I switched companions since Elder Suda was on a different
flight then me so I'm with my brother from another mother until
tomorrow's transfer. The picture below is of Elder Wharton, he's my
closest Elder/friend from the MTC. It's gonna stink to see him go
tomorrow when we all get transferred... We plan on meeting up after
our missions though.

One last thing, we got out iPads today! They are still in beta testing
but all Japan missions get one. Only 41 out of over 400 missions get
one. We're lucky.

Love you guys and miss you lots! Monday should be longer, today was
just to say we got here safely...

Elder Durrant


  1. Yeah yeah!! You look so handsome!! So glad you made it safe!! You are amazing!! Love you lots!! Always in our prayers!!
    Love Teresa

  2. Hehe I knew that wasn't a picture of you!!😜